Ozarkia and the SWN

Welcome to the page for Ozarkia and the Shieldwall Network. Check out the videos below for an idea of our mission. And don't forget to check out the FAQ below as well.

The most experienced and successful promoters and organizers of an intentional community of White Nationalists in Ozarkia are the Shieldwall Network (SWN)


Who is The Shieldwall Network?

The Shieldwall Network is a group of White Nationalist preppers whose mission is to encourage other White Nationalists to immigrate to north central Arkansas and the surrounding region called Ozarkia, in order to establish a collective influence in the communities of Ozarkia, and ultimately a seedbed ethno-state throughout the region.

Why Ozarkia?

The United States of America is headed inevitably towards economic, cultural, and political collapse, balkanization, and civil war. Racially diverse or urban areas will be death traps for Whites. Rural, conservative, overwhelmingly White areas will be the safest places for our people to save and protect themselves and their families, as well as our race and culture as a whole. While there are several rural White regions of the United States, the culture, topography, geography, natural resources, and demographics of Ozarkia make it more favorable to White survival than most of the others.

Where is Ozarkia?

Although the Shieldwall Network’s core concentration at this time is on north central Arkansas, northern Arkansas and southern Missouri consist of 90 contiguous counties which are 90 percent White or higher, as well as being among the most ‘red’, conservative, and rural counties in the country.

Am I eligible to join The Shieldwall Network?

You may be vetted for association with the Shieldwall Network if you are of wholly White European ancestry to the best of your knowledge, heterosexual, and have no nonWhite dependents. Other qualifying factors include passing a mandatory in person interview, a cursory background check to make sure that you have, for example, no felonies against women or children, and are not actively engaged in any illegal activity. Throughout this process and afterwards, with the exception of those who perform the vetting process, your identity can remain anonymous and you may use a nom de guerre throughout your association with the Shieldwall Network if you prefer. Additionally, for everyone’s security, no permanent or printed/written records are kept of SWN members.

How much does it cost to live in Ozarkia?

The cost of living is also much lower in Ozarkia, enough so to offset lower wages, and this includes lower rent, utilities, and taxes. In fact, taxes in Ozarkia are much lower than in most White flight areas, and are being lowered even further. Property is cheaper in Ozarkia than in White flight regions, as well, both for undeveloped land as well as for move-in ready homes. People who sell their homes in other areas and then move to Ozarkia always find that they can buy much more house and land for the same amount of money here. Also, rent to own or for sale by owner property sales are not uncommon in Ozarkia.

What are the laws like in Ozarkia?

Throughout the counties of Ozarkia regulations and restrictions are negligible compared to White flight evacuation zones. This is especially true outside of city limits. Do you understand that the collapse is coming and your favorite Whole Foods won’t be open forever? Backyard chickens and a garden are a great way to reconnect with life, here in Ozarkia. Tell your Home Owners Association to go mow their own yard, and come home to a place where you can live how you want to, how you were meant to live: free. Arkansas is a constitutional carry state, meaning that open or concealed firearms carry is legal without a permit. Arkansas is also one of the few states with no hate crime laws, as a fun fact. Abortion is restricted more than in any other state in the nation, as are drag queen shows, and Arkansas has virtually no homeschooling oversight or regulation requirements. In fact, in terms of state government and state laws, Arkansas is arguably the most ‘red’ state in the United States, and growing redder, especially the north-central counties which are all over 90% White or higher.

Does your job define you, or do your race and culture?

Do you value yours and your children’s future more than driving a new car and making payments on it? Would a slightly diminished choice of where to eat out cause you to hesitate moving to an overwhelmingly White, rural area? If you are not a cosmopolitan spoiled urbanite depending on plaztatic luxuries and conspicuous consumption in order to avoid authenticity, then Ozarkia is the place for you. The Shieldwall Network can help you get here. All we ask in return is that you repay our loyalty with your own, and once you are here in Ozarkia, remain involved in our Network to help us facilitate even more White Nationalists following in behind you, and then helping us collectively continue to become persons of influence in our Ozarkian communities.

Want to find out more? Ready to come see Ozarkia for yourself and meet the folks here? Contact @BillyRoper on Telegram or Gab, or email roper_billy@yahoo.com.