Thomas Sewell

People are still confused as to what to do. "But how do we actually take power?" That's not the right question, I've already explained how we take power by removing the previous power. It's simply about building the manpower to remove the judeo-globo-homo tyranny. How do we build that power? Organise in real life. There is no other way. Build collective routines and activities that are reinforced daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Yearly National meet ups, monthly State meet ups, weekly local meet ups, daily training or activities for those extra keen. What you do at those meet ups is of secondary importance and simple to know what to do if you understand the goal. But it's as simple as getting as many productive and honourable men in the same room or field at any given time. When there is enough, you take power. Simple as, stop making it more complicated than it is and looking for excuses.