Who are we?
Many of you wonder who runs this organization.
We are 3 cattle ranchers from Tennessee, Texas and Montana. We started this organization because we have 2 things in common. One of them is bulls.

Mission Statement:
  • Help
  • Fundraise
  • Build

Are you stuck between anger and despair? Tired of “analysis paralysis”?
If you want to get involved in real life we are here to help you connect with like minded people build a better white community.
Join and we will connect you with our kin to create a better world.

Make no mistake and do not take this lightly, unless you do something about our predicament you will watch your kids and grandkids killed in the street in mass. South Africa is the canary in the coal mine.

A warm welcome to all pro White organizations.
This organization also wishes to extend warm wishes and a special invitation to all other groups that we can work with, ie Patriot Front, National Justice Party and all local Active Clubs. If you are a active club representative please contact us so we can work together in increasing your membership.

Within the Western world, all racial and ethnic groups are given representation except for Whites. Judicial systems, political spheres, workplaces, and schools all seek to eliminate “systemic racism”, which is a coded way of saying discriminating and against Whites and removing our influence Whites are now being attacked verbally, physically, and politically on a daily basis, and are punished for speaking out against this corruption. What course of action can be taken against a corrupt system with unlimited money and ownership of almost all institutions and media? Formation of self sustaining, exclusive, pro-White communities. The goal of the White Unity Project is to accomplish this by being a networking resource for pro-White individuals, to offer guidance for those looking to start communities, and to help our members establish collectives. With enough numbers, we have the power to influence local institutions and to finally have representation again. The future of Whites depends on it.