The White Unity Project

Special Weapons And Tactics
The Hundred Year War

-A man who fights only for his own existence has little left for society.

Building a way forward

The first thing jewish communities do when arriving into a new country or territory is they get together and pull their resources into a pool. They open up a business and work it with their families. Then they share the profits and use those profits to open up other businesses. This is why you never see a jewish garbage man, housekeeper or janitor.

We whites must use the same tactic. First we need to shed out distrust of one another and trust our group. We need to keep our individuality but also grow our collectiveness. This is something that is imperative to teach our young. Our white children must have and be taught group consciousness. Our goal is to combat White replacement by promoting the formation of small White communities and educating our members on how to grow them, make them self sustaining as possible, and keep them exclusively White. We believe that the way to accomplish this is through establishing a collective of homesteaders and business owners, and helping members of your community to run for political positions within local governmental institutions. Members will receive access to networking resources and an in depth analysis of how to have a successful White community.

Start small, but start

Rural Areas

If you have a homestead or grow your own food, make extra to barter with your fellow white people. Any extra should be sold at farmer's markets. All extra income should go into a pool to open up a brick and mortar store. At the same time become a beacon for other white families that share our covenant to come and grow the base in that area. Build farms, own grocery stores, gas stations, bakeries, clothing stores, etc. Own as much as you can in the way of production. Once critical mass has been reached create a group co-op.

Mid To Large Cities

Mid to large cities are and will always be a challenge. The most powerful advantage non rural areas have is that there is more of you. If you have a few members are in close proximity, help each other. Pool your resources together, if you have room to house a fellow white and use the rent savings to help as many others into moving to rural areas and start a homestead in a majority pro white community. If you own a home, start small in your back yard. Build a small garden and become as self reliant as possible. As soon as many join the ranks, build bigger. One family grows potatoes and another leafy greens and another corn, etc. Trade/Barter instead of using money. This keeps the gov't out of reach. Use as little currency as possible. Get together with other whites that share our values and barter for plumbing, electrical and other skill trades. Then build and grow from there. Keep in mind the "system" will eventually collapse. You will need each other to survive. Chaos is coming and only we can save ourselves.

Feel the sheer power of the co-op

Within a co-op no one can make you engage in any activity including commerce with another. Imagine a city of “Costco” the large membership only club. You can’t even enter the establishment unless you are a member. Membership is tightly controlled by the pro-white covenant. Imagine a so called police officer, judge, meter-maid politician or even the local librarian, not being able to even enter the local market, 7-11 gas station without being a member. Where would they go 30-40-60 miles a way to get gallon of milk at the last minute? The power of a co-op is immense in weeding out undesirables. The co-o incorporates a membership system where the membership is not open to the public. All systems (economic, education, banking, etc) must be glued by this membership.Again, The membership must be by invite only and at least 3 people in the membership must approve on the invite for a member(s)


For now homeschool and/or create a homeschool system of 10 kids per homeschool where you teach each others kids. If you have to send your kids to public school then watch them like a hawk. Undo all the damage public schools are doing to our children. Even though you may keep educating your kids at home, get involved in the local educational system. Start by pushing for school vouchers. Vouchers are a great way to start your own school or a co-op school and have your tax money fund it. Run for school board. And defund it. Abolish if at all possible public schooling. Nothing good will ever come from it. This is a incredible uphill battle but it's worth fighting.


Do not underestimate the power and necessity of controlling the political system Believe it or not this part is unbelievably important. It allows breathing room. It gives whites the ability to use tax dollars to stem back the tide of government against you. TACTIC - When running for office always use at least 2 fake candidates that make the 3rd candidate look good. Master Political tactics.

  1. Get Involved in local politics. Run for School Board first. The educational system must be taken back. Without properly education our kids this is loosing war. The education system will always indoctrinate our young against us. We must take over the system to stem the tide. At first vote out the white guilt ridden imbeciles. Then Run for office. Once in office document your day by day activities. Look at weak points on the other school board members and see who is weakest and start picking them off one by one. Once in a position of power get rid of all anti-white curriculum and replace it with true history of how whites were slaves and the truth about the holocaust. Introduce anti-propaganda curriculum, teach our kids to be vigilant about the fake news and how it is used to destroy our culture. Come up with a bigger role for male sports and weight training in the phys-ed departments. However the goal is two fold. 1. To get rid of public education and the power of teacher's unions. 2. Introduce vouchers and start private education in your community that is not controlled by any government agency.
  2. First vote out any anti-white candidate. Then run for office. A city or even a county must be taken over. Once in office the same as above applies as a tactic. Diary the day to day activities so to give ammunition to the internal workings of local government.
  3. Become Lawyers, Judges and Cops. Or at least work as a civilian in those government entities. Then help others within the white ethnocentric sphere get jobs in those entities. Then help others within the white ethnocentric sphere get jobs in those entities. Vote out anti-white or non white friendly judges. This is very easy to do. Get a intelligence apparatus going and sit in courtrooms and identify bad judges that need to be removed. Start with the Jewish ones. Work against anti-white laws, not against people. Working against people is obvious and should not be done.
  4. Get rid of property tax. Substitute it in the beginning with higher sales tax, but that ensures 2 things. A. Everyone pays sales tax. B. It forces everyone to rethink taxes and makes it more possible to abolish other taxes or their increases.


Keep your eye on the ball, once the system or this document becomes public all powers will be on you like white on rice.
Other forces will try to infiltrate groups and disrupt us.
Do not let infighting splinter the groups.
Do not use money for self gain.
Beat Jews at their own game. Use the same tactics that they use.
Deception, Misdirection and trickery to win this battle.
Dissect their propaganda and tactics and use it just like they do.
Join Police and Military to learn combat training and tactics.