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By God We'll Have Our Home Again

Hope in Unity

Hope in Unity Everywhere we turn, we are bombarded with information and opinions about the state of the Western world, and the expanding list of ways that Whites are being discriminated against. Simply turn on the television or open your Internet homepage on a personal device, …


Traditions How do we immunize the next generation of White children from the onslaught of Anti-White hatred? Traditions. Take a look at this song. learn it sing it first with your buddies, 3 or more. Then as soon as possible teach your children and a small …

Being Helpful

Being Helpful This past weekend I had an all around positive exchange that set a bright example of the helpfulness of community and bartering. My family required someone with maintenance skills to fix our tractor, and found someone (a man named James) who lived 15 minutes …

Lessons of the Amish

Lessons of the Amish Nothing is more exemplary of the endurance of traditional values than the Amish community. In an increasingly individualistic and liberal world, the Amish are often looked to as a reminder that a simpler life exists where humanity’s sense of community has not …