Anti-White Hate Terms


This slur is specifically designed to denigrate and force people away from others who otherwise agree with. It is a lie when used to describe white people who have a different point of few.


White privilege

White privilege is disgusting and vile idea that Whites are treated better by society than non whites, therefore Whites must have an easier time climbing the social ladder, influencing society, and becoming wealthy. When discussing racism or other controversial subjects, anti-whites racists will often use this phrase as a way of shutting down the conversation and discouraging Whites from sharing opinions.


White Fragility

White fragility is the idea that Whites dislike racial diversity and avoid discussion about race due to being irrational or insecure. Like the term “white privilege”, this term is also used to shut down dialogues about race and to discourage Whites from defending ourselves when we are accused of having “privilege” or being insensitive to non whites.


White Savior

Whites are sometimes accused of having a “white savior” complex when helping non whites. This phrase insinuates that the kindness is not being done for genuine reasons, but rather as a way of feeling racially or morally superior.



Colonizer is a term meant to shame Whites for our heritage and label us as oppressors. It also implies that we are invasive to our own lands. Most will state that we have stolen lands. No, conquest of lands is very different than theft. Whites have conquered lands and settled, cultivated and developed empty lands that belonged to no one.



Colonialist is a negative label that often gets applied to traditionally White values, interests, and behaviors. It insinuates that anything that is typically associated with Whites is oppressive and should be eliminated.



The term Imperialist is used similarly to colonialist and is often used interchangeably.


Systemic Racism

Probably the most insidious of all terms is “Systemic Racism” whereby the idea that western society’s institutions are oppressive to non whites and therefore need to be drastically changed or even eliminated. It is most frequently used in discussions about the justice system, where incarceration and racial profiling of non white offenders is seen as oppression despite being necessary for the safety of the community, however systemic racism is always used against whites. In fact “Systemic Racism” is actually perpetrated against whites.